The Mess

is about to begin!

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What is Ultra Foodmess?

"A competitive party game for up to 4 players with a tasty mix of fun and friendship ruining! There's a variety of crazy and fast-paced modes where you can explode, shoot, swing, push, dodge and destroy. It's definitely a 10/10... Never call me again. 😤🤬💀"

- A former friend.


Hotel 3

Insane Multiplayer

Play locally with up to 4 friends or with bots, crush them and prove that your food is best one!

Hotel 1

11 Game Modes

There is a wide variety of game modes to challenge your friends and each mode has its own mechanics.

Hotel 2

Super Easy To Play

Anyone can take control and start having fun! (CAUTION: You may spread some chaos in the process)

The fighters